American Negotiating Behavior

American Negotiating Behavior

Write a book review on our textbook American Negotiating Behavior: Wheeler Dealers, Legal Eagles, Bullies, and Preachers published by the United States Institute of Peace Press. There is no standard format or approach to write book review. But a review article normally includes the following contents: (1) Introduction: introduce the main contents of the book. The presentation of the contents should take up the greater portion of the review; (2) Evaluation of the content of the book: the strengths and the limitations—here you can include some of your ideas and comments about this book; (3) Conclusion: A summary and you may also talk about how this book can be useful for general readers.

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American Negotiating Behavior


Presentation of the Contents

The book “American Negotiating Behavior: Wheeler-Dealers, Legal Eagles, Bullies, and Preachers,” is a milestone study that provides detailed and rich description of negotiating activities of American leaders. It evaluates many influences-political, historical, institutional, and cultural- that shape by what means US representatives and ambassadors method dealings with remote partners and features standards of conduct that rise above the activities of individual mediators and organizations. Educated by discourses and meetings with in excess of fifty prepared remote and US moderators, Richard H. Solomon and Nigel Quinney contend that four…………….

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