Analysis of, “”The Boarding House” by James Joyce

The Short Story is “The Boarding House” by James Joyce, The paper has to be 500 words or more, MLA style, no outside sources not even a reference to another source, just my literarture book so i would have the work cited page completed, just need the paper written. Have to use your thoughts, your ideas and quotes from the story to explain your thesis and topic sentences. Also Need to have an outline included that has the thesis statement and topic sentences. the paper must have an intro, body, conclusion, and overall.




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  1. Introduction: Marriage is both beneficial and loss to the married partners.


  1. 1 Mr. Doran and Mrs. Mooney’s daughter begin their relationship in the whorehouse after Polly is asked by her mother to stop her office job in order to stay at the guest house and entertain guests

1.2 Mr. Doran cannot marry Polly because they do not belong to the same social class

1.3 Polly goes a lot of pain and desperation because she cannot marry Mr. Doran despite loving him 

736 words APA

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