analyze a fictional family from a movie or show

The Villanueva Family in Jane the Virgin

This paper should be 3-5 pages in length and should be submitted as an attachment (Word or PDF please).

For this paper, you will analyze a fictional family from a movie or show. You should select a show in which the family is a central element. For example, Modern Family would work just fine, but a show like The Office would not. You can pick any show that features a family and has enough interaction among the family members for you to do the analysis described below. The only criteria is that the show needs to be something I can watch (I have access to anything on Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, or Disney+). If you want to use a show not on one of these platforms, contact me. As you watch the show, take notes. You’ll need to provide examples from the show for each of the analysis items described below. The objective of this paper is for you to demonstrate that you can provide examples to support a theoretical perspective and identify examples of family roles and functions.

In your paper, please describe the following:

  • What theoretical perspective of the family best fits with the show you selected (functionalism, conflict theory, exchange theory, feminist theory, or lifecourse theory)? In your answer, be sure to explain what the theory is and give evidence and examples to support your selection.
  • Give two examples of socialization that happen during the show. This can be socialization of children (this is probably the most common), but can be socialization at any point in the lifecourse (read this for a refresher on what is socialization ; focus on sections 5.3 and 5.4). In your answer, please describe:
    • The interaction – who is involved and what is the interaction about?
    • What is being learned or communicated?
    • What does the interaction tell us about how this family is organized or how it functions?
  • Find an example of an identity that is important to this family as a whole or an individual member of the family that is represented in some way in the show. This could be related to race, religion, gender, political ideology, or any other identity. Is the identity a source of conflict or cohesion for the family or individual? Be sure to give examples or evidence to support your argument.

There are 100 total possible points for this paper. Each of the 4 points described above (#2 involves two examples) is worth 20% of the total grade, with the final 20% based on writing. An A-quality answer will include the following:

  1. A thesis statement describing the main idea of the paragraph
  2. Direct answers to the sub-questions within each point
  3. Supporting evidence and examples to substantiate each point
  4. Demonstrated understanding of the relevant concepts covered in the course


Subject: Social Science


Let me know what family you choose and if you have any questions! Looking forward to some great work


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