Analyze the factors that affected the evolution of core health care information systems and technology

Current and Emerging Challenges in HIT Adoption-Swot Analysis

The student is to write a term paper in APA format covering the (1) strengths, (2) weaknesses, (3) opportunities and (4) threats [SWOT Analysis]specific to one of five student learning objectives presented on the syllabus. In no particular order, available topics include:

  1. Analyze the factors that affected the evolution of core health care information systems and technology,
  2. Identify current and emerging challenges in HIS/HIT adoption,
  3. Describe health informatics and discuss their importance in today’s health care organizations,
  4. Identify data analytics models used in health care and discuss the use of data in delivery evidence-based care, or
  5. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of established industry standards as they relate to data exchange, privacy, and information security.


At minimum, this paper will meet the following parameters:

1) Must be in APA format. This is not to be taken lightly. Each of you should consider reviewing the Concise Guide to APA Style (Seventh Edition, ISBN 9781433832734) at your earliest opportunity.

2) Your paper must be written per APA style guide specifications and include the following components at minimum:

  1. Title Page,
  2. Table of Contents (use Microsoft Word’s Table of Contents tool),
  3. Abstract,
  4. Introduction,
  5. Main body of paper separated by sections with the following subheads:
  6. Strength
  7. Weaknesses

iii. Opportunities

  1. Threats
  2. Conclusion
  3. Bibliography

3) You should use six (including required text) or more references for this paper. I would prefer it if you use more.

  1. It’s important that you put referenced material into your own words. TurnItIn’s originality percentage should be no higher than 10%.


The sequence below is an illustrative example of how this assignment may be completed:

1) Each student should review the menu of topics and choose whichever one is most interesting.

2) Depending on the level of detail the chosen topic describes, the student should be specific enough to create a detailed written SWOT analysis that “checks off” all of the requirement boxes specific to this assignment. While the first topic presented on page one is a straightforward SWOT analysis, the second through fifth options are vague and require the author to be specific in what (s)he will review.

3) Seek out information on your chosen topic as it relates to:

  1. Strengths: specific components that make it good.
  2. Weaknesses: specific components that make it vulnerable.
  3. Opportunities: specific areas in which it could grow, expand, and/or improve.
  4. Threats: internal or external influences that interfere with its success.

4) The material you find should be put into essay format as assigned above. By the end of the term paper—summed up with the conclusion—the reader should understand the good and the bad in your chosen topic up to and including what it might look like in the future


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Thank you please complete the paper as per instructions. using APA seventh edition.

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