Analyzing the Results of Two Research Studies

Analyzing the Results of Two Research Studies

Please read the below two attached articles and complete the following in the number order.

1.) list the source in APA format

2.) list key terms in the article

3.) describe the focus of the study

4.) describe the methodology the author(s) used

5.) summarize the study’s findings

6.) write your reflections on the article itself.Comment on whether you found the study difficult to interpret, whether you understood the methodology, or other items that might be of interest to your fellow classmates.

Dante E. Mancini, “The “CSI Effect’ in an Actual Juror Sample: Why Crime Show Genre May Matter.”

Janne A. Holmgren and Judith Fordham, “The CSI Effect and the Canadian and the Australian Jury.”


Analyzing the Results  terms in the article
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Key Terms in the Article: CSI effect, cultivation theory, crime show, and forensic television.

Focus of the Study: In this study on the role of the CSI effect on decision-making process used by the jurors during criminal proceedings, the scholar focused on the investigation of the phenomenon in the context of different sub-genres of forensic television.  The investigation……………

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