Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography


Our research question is this:

How does racism in the US affect the everyday lives of people living here?

For our text, watch this talk by James A White Sr.

Next, create an annotation and bibliographical reference for the text.

To create an annotation, think about this:

– How would you describe White’s talk? Describing a text is slightly different from summarizing it. It includes howsomething is said or written instead of what was written or said.

– What information needs to be included in order to convey the meaning and impact of the text? You can’t summarize the whole thing, so you have to make choices about what is most important.

– Is there anything he said that is worth quoting? You can quote briefly in an annotation.

– How might you use the information in this text? What does it illustrate or reveal?

Annotations generally should be about 150 words. Sometimes you will need more. In any case, they must be thorough and concise. Don’t slip into lengthy summary.

Restrict your evaluative commentary to things that are most relevant. Use your analysis skills to convey the meaning and overall impact of the text.


  • Turn in an MS Word doc formatted with APA
    • Running header
    • Title Page
    • Bibliographical citation
    • Annotation (around 150-200 words)

Answer Preview…………….

White Sr., J.A. (2015). “The little problem I had renting a house.” TED. Retrieved from Sr., J.A. (2015). “The little problem I had renting a house.” TED. Retrieved from this TED talk presentation……………

APA 194 words

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