Annotated bibliography

create an annotated bibliography where you will summarize five peer-reviewed journal articles that are related to your selected topic. Of the five articles, please make sure that at least two of them provide you with differing perspectives. The purpose of the annotated bibliography is to assist you in conducting research, summarizing content, and critically evaluating research on your selected topic. Each article should be summarized in five to six sentences. Cite your references according to APA guidelines. See for sources related to criminal justice and criminology.

Law Enforcement Approaches. Examine the use of racial profiling by law enforcement

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The use of racial profiling by law enforcement officers

Abeyratne, R. I. R. (2010). Aviation security law. Heidelberg: Springer.

            According to this book, racial profiling plays a significant in ensuring that the aviation security is attained. The book goes in to say that racial profiling enables security officers at major airports to clearly check the information of passengers for instance checking their background information. At the same time, ethnic profile enables security officers to identify security threats easily. …

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