annotated bibliography and process Memo

annotated bibliography and process Memo

use it for ogres.

4 sources

3- pages only + works cited

process memo –  half to one pages.

This is a continuation of the job u did on May 23rd: proposal topic – DUE 3PM

do not forget to use the same article u used it in the proposal

the doctor gave me a prove to use it and she was happy to work in that cite

simply write an annotated bibliography, then on a separate paper write a reflection memo of how you wrote the midterm.

next part will the the midterm, I will post it later

Answer Preview…………….

Charles, Veronika M. Making Traditional Tales Relevant for Contemporary Children. Ottawa:

Library and Archives Canada = Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, 2007. Print.

In the article, Charles explains how the many types of ogre tales and different types of myths help in shaping the lives of many children in contemporary society. In the article, the author shows how the different types of traditional tales can be used to indicate the difficulties…………………

APA 1732 words

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