Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography in APA Format
Articles should not be more than 10 years old
Entry should be in alphabetic order by the author last name.
All articles must come from scholarly journal.
summaries should be two to three paragraph in you own words. and information about where the study took place, the subjects in the study, the purpose of the study and what the important findings were.
the general format should be
citation information summary and so, amount of journal three.

Ok this are the requirements: APA formatting citation, Alphabetic order of the last name, Never change the order of the Author, Not front page; in the first page My name, class name and date following by citation and then first summary skip a line and second citation and summary and so Summary is based on the purpose of the study, where the study took place , what they try to find out, how they did the studied, how many people and the age were involved and main findings of the study included. Only speak about method and conclusion. three sources from scholarly, peer reviewed journals no more than ten years old. Thank you
1. Social capital and healthy aging in indonesia by Juran Cao and Anu Rammohan
2. An Examination of healthy Aging Across a conceptual Continuum. Prevalence estimates, Demographic patterns, and validity by Sarah J. Mc Laughlin, Alan M. Jette and Cathleen M. Connell.
3. The role of income and occupation in the association of education with healthy aging. results for a population based prospective cohort study. by Christine M. White, Philip D. St John, Maryam Iraniparast and Suzanne L. Tyas.
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