Annotated Collection

Annotated Collection

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ADVANCED COMPOSITION ECN  UWP 101 description 9 pages, Double Spacing
Thank you. I am from China , I am international student. I am not good in english. Please don’t write too much professional word.
as usual fix an outline somehow
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The discourse community I want to join after graduate is the Masters of Economics in Agribusiness Graduate program. UC Davis is a good place to pursue the degree but I am not limited to that option. What is important is to get in a good school where I can be a part of academic community focused on economics. Joining this discourse community will widen my knowledge base and will also allow me to be part of a greater community that will prepare me for my career. I have several career objectives. First, I would wish to work with an international organization focused on economics. For instance, The World Bank will be a good employer if I get my graduate degree in Masters of Economics. Also, I want to focus more on macroeconomics which will be focusing on economies of countries not individuals. By getting this degree and interacting with people in that discourse community………..

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