Answers some Questions about religion

I need help to answers some Questions  about my assignment in religion class

i need you to answers these Questions from This book four portraits one jesus
just use google info but reference and cite the book only
Copy paste questions into a word doc and answer below each in few sentences, 2-4 sentences per question. 

preview of the answer..

  1. How and why was Jesus baptized? (Matthew 3:13-17)

Jesus was baptized by the John the Baptist by full immersion in river Jordan to act as an example so that the other Christians would follow. Also, he was also baptized to show that he was the chosen Messiah (Strauss, 2007).

  1. Explain the symbolism of baptism by immersion. What does baptism represent in the Gospels?

Baptism by immersion into the water symbolized that whenever a Christian …

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