Anthropology paper

Anthropology paper

A 2000word article!!!due 7.20 night。As stated in lecture last week, please be sure to reference frequently throughout your essay using the parenthetical references including the name of the source and the date it was published: here is an example of parenthetical referencing – (New York Times, Nov. 2, 2018). You need to make it very clear to your reader exactly which article your information is coming from as you discuss and compare articles throughout your essay. So regularly using parenthetical referencing (Chicago manual of style referencing) throughout your essay is the easiest way to do this and let’s your reader know exactly form which article the information can be found.please remember that the point of this paper is not to “prove” which article is the best article, but rather to show the similarities and differences between your selected articles and how the differences in each article are likely to influence a reader’s opinion about the news event you have chosen for this essay.

 Anthropology41A news event description 8 pages, Double Spacing UCI

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News media undoubtedly shape historiography. The reporting of news is supposed to be objective and nonbiased reporting only facts to allow the audience to understand the situation as it is on the ground. However, no matter how much news media may try or convince audience of their objectivity and nonbiased reporting, the reporting of news may achieve different functions in the way emphases, patterns, and facts are presented. As such, depending on the news outlet and its point of view, a news…………………..

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