Anthropology read and write!

Anthropology read and write!

Please make sure your discussion takes the form of an essay.

Will give more resources to the tutor that is selected 🙂

Please cite and make a bib page! *The citation should be exactly how it appears on the attachments 🙂

 write Read  anthropology description 3 pages, Double Spacing

Hello. I will give you an example version of this assignment and please make sure this essay is in similar format.  – attached as a word file

Answer Preview…………….

In this reading, two brothers are fleeing from a buffalo that was chasing after them.  Earlier on the buffalo had incited them telling them that if they missed her, then she would kill them. For this reason, the brothers were more determined to kill it. It is the younger brother who had pulled the distaff and put it in the spindle. While he shot at the buffalo, his elder brother encouraged him telling him to let it go. When he finally let it go it pierced the buffalo on its chest.  When it is first pierced the buffalo was shaken for a moment. The response was that it shook and then raised its head bellowing on them. This was a sign that they would succeed…………

APA 874 words

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