anthropology writing 2-2

anthropology writing 2-2

Directions: Answer the following questions/prompts about this week’s lesson in short essay format (1-2 paragraphs), 300 word minimum. All answers should be your own work and in your own words.

Using what you have learned from Module 7, (Module 7 materials are post in attached files). construct an argument for or against the hypothesis that humans are ‘naturally’ monogamous.

writing  anthropology description 1 pages, Double Spacing


NO outside resources needed, only use the materials I post. Thanks.


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The issue of monogamy in humans is a contentious one because it involves a biological as well as the sociological approach. Although from a biological point of view humans are naturally monogamous, behavioral and sociological observations confirm the polygamous nature of humans. This is mainly due to the anatomy features and concealed ovulation. The first feature…………….

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