APA Paper on Management Style and Conflict Resolution

APA Paper on Management Style and Conflict Resolution

OPTION #2: Management Style and Conflict Resolution

Using an example from your own experience or from the experience of someone you know, identify a workplace conflict. It can be interpersonal or interagency. You are welcome to change identifying information of the organization and/or specific individuals for privacy purposes, but keep as many of the original details of the conflict as possible.

In a well-written paper:

  • Describe the conflict, including as many relevant details as possible.
  • Identify and describe a management style well-suited to dealing with this conflict.
  • Explain how you would apply the management style you’ve identified to the resolution of this conflict.
  • Justify your choice of this particular management style for handling the conflict.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

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Management Style and Conflict Resolution

Description of the Conflict

Sophie and Mark were both accountants in a particular company in the United States. When conflict arose between two of them, Mark had stayed in the company for six months, and Sophie had worked with the company for ten years. Mark as a proficient worker used to until the last minute to do his work. Sophie performed her duties more steadily and maintained on top of her work on a daily basis. Sophie always complained that she was worried about how Mark did………….

APA 740 words

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