Application of Concepts of Communication

Application of Concepts of Communication


This is my assignment that asking for collecting concepts of the communication and here
are the instructions:

I need to earn a full mark on that assignment please. This is a two-part essay assignment
that results in one essay. Your goal is to demonstrate that you can apply course concepts
to your personal experience in a group.
General Guidelines for the Essay:
1) 900 words (3-5 pages) addressing your experience in small group communication this
2) The purpose of the paper is to reflect on your group's experience (Part 1) and to give
advice to a student entering college this coming semester (Part 2).
3) The essay must include an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs sufficient to
support the claim, a concluding paragraph, and a Reference List in APA form.
4) The essay must use resources (notes from each group meeting, the textbook, and one
other peer-reviewed source) acknowledged appropriately with in-text citations in APA
5) The essay will show how a course concept helps to explain what happened in the
group (Part 1) and a course concept taught to another student (your reader) to make
them successful in next semester's group experience (Part 2).
6) An electronic copy of the essay should be submitted in the assignment folder below
before 11:55 pm on May 9th. Late papers are not eligible for course points. Anticipate
problems with computers and the Internet and plan in advance.
Use a 12pt Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one inch margins.Only Word
files are accepted.
30% Content – The essay contains relevant theory that is explained correctly with
appropriate source (s). Theory connects to the example for analysis and components of
the theory are individually described in relation to the example.
30% Application – The essay contains a sample for analysis that is thoroughly described
with supporting evidence. The example connects to the theory and the reader is able to
learn new insight into the theory.

20% Writing Style & Mechanics – The essay is engaging and fun to read. Sections of the
essay are identifiable (e.g. introduction, body, conclusion). Paragraph length is balanced
and paragraphs have an identifiable structure. Writing mechanics (e.g. capitalization,
spelling, punctuation) are used correctly.
10% Grammar – The essay is free of mistakes with grammar.
10% APA Form – APA style is used correctly in the reference list and with in-text citation


Answer Preview…………

Communication the process of sharing information among people to achieve certain results. Therefore, in the processes of communication, information or knowledge must be sent and be received by another party for the process to be complete and succeed. Students of communication not only apply the important concepts of communication but also study them in detail. Therefore, any time they apply the concepts, they understand and can point them out. For the essay, I will discuss the application of the concept of receiving messages during communications in my group during the semester. The second part will discuss the concept of receiving information during the process of communication to help students that will join the class in the next semester to adapt to the classes and therefore score good grades. Sending information during communication in groups needs the sender to apply several skills to be successful. Therefore, during group work, speakers usually made sure that they…………..

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