Application for Executive Assistant Position

Application for Executive Assistant Position

Based on your personal purpose (e.g. finding a job, entering graduate school,
or producing a piece of public discourse) select one task from the following three:
1. Cover letter and résumé tailored to a specific job

2) Grad School Option: Statement of purpose/personal statement for two separate
grad school applications. You may use the same basic statement for each school, but
tailor it to (or frame it for) each specific program

3)Two advocacy/complaint letters to legislators or organizations about an important
cause or concern; select your issue and decide on which legislator(s) or
organization(s) to address your letter to. You may use the same basic letter for each
recipient, but tailor it to (or frame it for) each specific recipient. You must select one
issue–not a separate issue per recipient. see attach file for more details 

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I wish to apply for an executive assistant position in your reputable organization. I am a recent graduate of the Southern Cross University and a communication major. During my second and third year at this prestigious institution, I acquired workplace experience from ABC Consult, which provided an opportunity to undergo relevant practical organizational training in communication management and general office administration. Sunshine Inc. is the right fit organization for me because of your emphasis on social development programs that results in dealing with some of the challenges and issues faced by the elderly in our communities………

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