Architectural element of your choice– Columns

Architectural element of your choice– Columns

Must write a 10-page paper with 10 footnotes The paper will explore an architectural element of your choice (I picked columns). To study the nature of an element, you may compare two treatises, a treatise with an associated project, or a treatise with a contemporary project. It should synoptically present the idea of the paper. A brief (no more than one page) ekphrasis of the frontispiece must be also included.

I have already written the paper and submitted the draft, I got it back with a lot of feedback that needs to be fixed. My instructor also recommended books that I will have to scan and attach here.

I need someone to fix the paper and follow and guidelines + feedback from the instructor. I also need help with improving my frontispiece (it will be drawn by me) so it matches the final draft.

I will attach my original draft document + scans of instructors feedback (he also gave me a couple pages from a book that should be included) + scans of the other books

References I want to include:

Vitruvius – Ten books on architecture:…

The Four Books of Architecture, Andrea Palladio:

Roman Builders, Rabun Taylor: ( I will scan it)
On the Art of Building in Ten Books, Leon Alberti: (I will scan it)

The Dancing Column, Joseph Rykwert:

Hey! Are my instructions clear? I still need to scan the other two books. I have one of them with me and you will have to wait for “Roman Builders” because it’s still in the schools library. I will have access to it by Monday.

  i think you should skip the last book I didn’t scan (alberti). Can you use something else that can help my paper?
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