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Make sure to use MLA format (see pages 488-96 of LBH text). Remember that each page needs a page number (your last name and the number) and the first page needs an MLA heading. Indent five spaces at the beginning of each paragraph. Double space ONLY.

Each paragraph should contain causes or effects. You should not be doing both. Your thesis will EITHER list one cause for three effects OR one effect produced by three causes. You will NOT have some causes and some effects for your paragraphs. As with anything you write, make sure to use plenty of support from your life and avoid vagueness. In other words, do not simply say “I am shy”; instead give examples that show your shyness–how you sat in the corner at a dance, would not speak up in class, had trouble making friends, etc. The more specific your support (examples) are the better the reader will be able to believe what you are claiming.



Write a 500-750 word, five-paragraph essay on one of the assigned topics. Use MLA formatting and organize and develop the essay according to the rules established.

Topics (choose one):

1. Reasons (causes) for you taking this course online

2. Effects of procrastination (examples must come from your life or people you know)

3. Reasons (causes) for choosing the major you have selected

4. Reasons you are having trouble choosing a major

5. Effects of doing something you were told not to (does not have to be negative–could be joining the military or changing jobs or dating someone your friends did not like)

6. Reasons you did something you were told not to (see note above)

7. Effects of a life change (physical, mental, spiritual, etc.)





preview of the answer..

Procrastination can be described as the act of carrying out tasks that are not urgent in preference to the ones that are urgent. It can also be defined as an act of doing pleasurable activities instead of doing activities that are less pleasurable. This leads to the individual putting off important tasks to halt in order to do them later. Procrastination is mainly brought about by human beings’ lazy nature whereby they do not want to take part in difficult activities. For …

757 words APA

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