Argument strategies In research writing

1. Argument strategies In research writing,

what exactly do we mean by argument? Do we mean taking an extreme position and standing our grounds, or do we mean instead convincing our audience by taking a reasonable stance on an issue and support our position with appropriate evidence? Define and explain the difference using examples. 2. Internet Reliability How reliable is the internet as a source of information for your research? What are the ways you can validate information that you find on the internet? Why is this necessary?

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An argument in research can be defined as the act of giving sufficient evidence regarding a particular controversial issue, situation, concept or event and then using the factual-based evidence as a support to convince an individual or panel to take the same stand as we have on that issue or concept. For instance, one can carry out a research regarding the causes of high infant mortality among young mothers, the results could indicate that most of the infant deaths recorded among young mothers..

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