Argument and Thesis Statement Workshop 2

Select one of the thirty approved writing prompts for your Final Research Paper from the Research Paper Guidelines document. Your persuasive argument will be presented through a well-written thesis statement. Consider your chosen writing prompt, the available research, and the definition of argument as you prepare a working thesis statement. Also, reflect on the thesis statement and topic sentences presented in the “Who Stole the American Dream?” article. In addition, watch the Ashford University Library video, Quick ‘n’ dirtyand develop a list of 10 to 20 key words.

Share your one- to two-sentence thesis statement and your key word list with the class by Day 3. Be sure to provide a critique of your thesis using the Thesis Checklist and Ashford Writing Center (AWC) resources to guide your evaluation. Explain in detail how your thesis aligns with the requirements on the checklist and the AWC resources. Feel free to revise your thesis statement throughout the week and share your progress in the discussion forum.





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Religious leaders and political experts have never reached a common policy as their objectives oppose each other. Traditionally, religion was attributed to those who are culturally conservative and therefore they were not incorporated in policy making process. Europe heritage on the other hand had different vision of faith that never reached its conventional. 16% of American population is not afflicted to a religion while 7% do not believe in God. This means …

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