Aristotle the Greek Philosopher

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Note: Those are details about Greek, but if any of those details apply to Aristotle you can add them .

. – Aristotle Greek Philosophy – individualistic – Achilles – name for himself. Greek Philosophy – Reason, Philosophy + Science together cause + nature of universe, virtue + happiness. ( arête ) ( on moral excellence ). which leads to happiness Sophrosphyne – moderation , excess – deficiency. – staring into space , realism, more facial expressions hair looks real, freedom – compare : different not symbolic , realistic – Theaters – hubris – excessive pride – Leach+ sons – between of Greek bearing gifts ( Trojan profit ).

Please follow all what i wrote on the paper and I need all the details and describe . Analyze everything and has to be from the book. Note: Please use only the book. I need the writer use just one book and the name is: The Bedford Anthology Of World Literature. the Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern World, Beginning-1650. Compact Edition. Don’t use any work cited. I want just to write the story what it is about and describe it .




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Greece is a country that is widely known for its vast number of philosophers. It is on the basis of these schools of thought that most of the logical aspects in the current day world are based. Among the most widely known philosophical school of thought include Kant’s theories on ethics. The ethical point of view in the present ay world is often based on the Kantian school of thought. Aristotle was one of the most recognized philosophers in Greek. Aristotle is widely recognized for his views on, for example, the fact that the soul can be viewed as one that is held prisoner by the body. …

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