Aristotle on Highest Good

Aristotle on Highest Good

I want an essay written on a philosophical subject. details are below:


Aristotle (highest good):

Discuss Aristotle’s conception of the highest good. What does Aristotle mean when he talks about the “highest good”?

Why does he think that a highest good exists?

Why does he think that happiness—and not something else—is the highest good?

How does he ultimately define happiness, and how is it related to moral virtue?

Do you think that Aristotle’s account of happiness is adequate? Why or why not?

(Be specific: how you would define happiness, and how does your definition compare to Aristotle’s?)


Characteristics of an ‘A’ paper:

  • Accuracy: presents the authors’ views without distortion or confusion
  • Completeness: does not leave out any salient or vital parts of the authors’ ideas
  • Depth: goes beyond merely repeating class notes; demonstrates a familiarity with the primary text(s), and an awareness of the ambiguities and nuances of the text(s)
  • Clarity: is well-structured, and presented without major grammatical or syntactic or stylistic errors
  • Criticism, inquisitiveness: does not simply accept the ideas or texts at face value, but raises critical questions about them; states agreement or disagreement, with supporting reasons or arguments


Attached are :

-A model paper ( see citations )

-Book pages that need to be cited as shown in model paper, you may cite it by simply giving the philosopher-fragment number (e.g., Heraclitus 10.40), or the McKirahan page number (e.g., PBS p. 44). (note: block quotation should be single spaced, while the rest of the paper is double spaced)

please provide ONLY ONE outer source. remember that any other secondary material that you use, and any alternative translations that you use, must be given a full citation.




Aristotle                greek  phillosophy paper description 5 pages, Double Spacing

Answer Preview…………….

Aristotle’s Conception of ‘Highest Good’ and its meaning

According to my understanding, Aristotle had a unique way of describing ‘highest good.’ He did not consider only one thing to be good. The highest good is regarded as a particular thing in one aspect, and another thing in another dimension. The highest good is determined by who is performing a specific action and the end of the act (Crisp 1.2). The highest good…………

APA 1435 words

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