Army leadership and decision making.

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The thing that interested me about this class was learning that there is more than one ethical philosophy out there. My mindset was be a good person and do to others what you would want done for yourself. I never thought of duty based ethics or virtuous ethics being part of the equation. Duty based ethics being what you think is ethical dependent on what your government tells or asks you to do, while virtuous ethics asks you to judge someone’s moral compass by their characteristics


I had a lot of fun with this course. It made me really think about my morals and the current ethics and one of the best things I got to learn was seeing another side of different scenarios. I love to debate. My last year roommates and I would do debates for hours on end about dang near everything. Sports, politics, everyday stuff, you name it. One of the hardest things to do when that is going on is being able to see what is on the other side of the debate. By learning about different ethics, I learned about what may cause people to think differently and help me understand more than just my side of a debate. That is something I think everyone needs to understand.


I honestly consider all of the content interesting and important. I enjoyed all the different ethical reasonings, what they mean, and what is considered ethical and unethical for each respective method. Prior to this course I had never heard of Kant/Kantian, utilitarian, or libertarian. It was interesting to apply these ways of thinking to common issues that affect people of different backgrounds. I enjoyed having different conversations with some of my classmates who either agreed of respectfully disagreed with my opinions. It was interesting to see how many people agree with what I thought or felt whenever it come to the discussion questions. I can definitely see how learning about ethics can help me in my future career in Psychology. I can see how I can use it now when it comes to Army leadership and decision making. Sometimes decisions have to be made that will not make everyone happy, but will make the majority happy. Sometimes things are not considered at all because they are considered completely unethical. I enjoy reading all of your responses and wish you nothing but blessings and success! Thank you for such an interesting course!


I think that as a whole this class was very interesting and the readings were not a bore. I know sometimes textbooks can be. I did not know that there were three major theories that dealt with ethics and how different individuals processed situations and topics to decide what made something right or wrong and why. I think for me I can see where all three major theories are coming from and depending on the situation I do not strictly agree with one but I can relate to them all in different ways. Ethics is very opinion based which makes it hard because there is no right or wrong answer. I think it was neat seeing everyones views on different topics and our thought processes behind them. It makes me understand how to listen to others opinions and take them into consideration when they differ from my. It is always nice to see different perspectives.


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