Art History Survey

Art History Survey

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Answer the following questions over chapter 1 from Look! by Anne D’AllevaPreview the document. Type your responses in a Word™ document (.doc, .docx) or Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf). Those formats are the only files the drop box will accept. Submit the paper to the assignment dropbox located on the right side of this page. Bring your response to class and be prepared to discuss your answers.

  1. At this moment, how would you personally define art?
  2. How much better or worse is our experience of art using the more traditional definition of art?
  3. What is useful in using the definition of art that D’Alleva provides on p. 13?
  4. Are there other reasons why a learner would want to study art history?
  5. After reviewing formal and contextual analysis as two ways of approaching art, which do you think is better? Why?

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