Article critique

I did the article summary but I didn’t do the article critique which is one page describe how the article is relevant or not and why

Submit an IT article

o  You must copy and paste article into a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx format)

o  You must also provide the actual link used to access the article, and the date retrieved in the Works Cited

–  Submit a one page Summary of the article

o  Writ a clear & concise summary of the article

o  Use In-text Parenthetical Citations denoting author and page/paragraph number

–  Submit a one page Critique of the article

o  Critique the article’s reputation / worthiness / relevance

o  Justify its reputability (Authority, Accuracy, Currency, Coverage, & Objectivity)

o  Critique the content of the article, worthiness, target audience, & technical level

o  Social, Legal, & Ethical Issues

o  Discuss how the article relates to our class

–  Post the SINGLE (Summary, Critique, & Article) document under Blackboard for grading




preview of the answer..

This article is very relevant to an education class as it discusses how school administrators can integrate technology into learning. According to the article, information technology has improved learning very much. The article goes on to say that the use of technology in schools has mainly been hindered because of economic conditions. This is very …

373 words APA

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