Article Critique


Guided Questions
Is (Are) there 1 or more stated hypothesis(es) or research question(s)?
If yes, identify it/them by quoting and citing, using appropriate APA style.
If not, could you suggest one? Can you state it using the PICO(T) format?
Identify the type of hypothesis, stating which variables are independent variables and which are dependent variables.

Review of the literature
o Is the literature review comprehensive? Explain what you mean.
o How current (in years) are the sources? Do not include methodological
references, only literature being reviewed by the authors.
o Does the lit review include background material that seems to show more than one aspect of the issue being studied? Explain and give examples.
Theory or Conceptual Framework
o Is a theory or conceptual framework identified? If so, what is it? Is it appropriate
for the research question?Research Design
What is the research design?
Is the design clearly identifiable and clearly explained? Is it appropriate? Discuss.
o Was there an intervention? If yes, was it described adequately so as to be
replicable? Please describe the intervention if there is one.
o Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the study design to address the
purpose of the research. (not limitations of the study itself)

Populations and Samples
What is the target population?
What is the accessible population?
What is the sample size? Is it appropriate? Provide a rationale for your answer.
Were inclusion/exclusion criteria described? Were they reasonable?
How representative was the sample?

Methods and Results
How were the data collected? By what method or methods? Were methods clearly
What did the data reveal?
What statistical tests were used to evaluate the major variables?
How were the data presented? (tables, narrative, combination)
Was subject dropout addressed? Why might this be important for a quantitative study?

Discussion and Conclusions
If more than one hypothesis or research question was identified, was each addressed
Does the researcher discuss limitations that may have influenced the study?
If yes, give an example.
If the researcher does not address limitations, did you identify any?
Are conclusions clearly stated?
Are conclusions supported by the data presented? What were the conclusions?
Are recommendations made for future research? If yes, give an example.
Discuss generalizability of the findings.
Are implications suggested for nursing practice, nursing administration, or nursing
education? If yes, give an example.

preview of the answer..

From a thorough analysis of the theoretical review of this article, I can comfortably say that the literature review is comprehensively. According to the literature review, there are several therapeutic strategies that have been suggested to manage and relieve menopausal symptoms among women in their midlife stage. The authors of this article go on to name some of the strategies used to manage these symptoms, for instance hormonal therapy which is mainly used to relieve physical symptoms. However, this strategy is believed to have several serious risks such as breast cancer and myocardial infection…

APA 2257 words

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