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The advantages of accurate and thorough fire investigations are obvious – the reasons for fires vary, and so do financial and criminal responsibility.  Some of the reasons for arson can be quite surprising.

The U.S. is one of the few countries where public authorities have statutory responsibility to investigate all fires and determine their origins and causes. However, a number of major complications in fire investigations also exist.

Please identify a current article relating to fires/fire investigations, summarize it (in your own words), and then discuss how you think it relates to what you have learned about arson investigation.

Your paper should be a minimum of 1 to 2 pages, Times New Roman, 12pt font, double-spaced, and include citations for your references (if applicable).

For citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA Style section of the syllabus




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As a fire on 70 cobequid road, lower Sackville was observed on 21 October, 2014.the fire is not so horrible and soon came under the control of fire brigade. There is no severe damage to lives but have added loss only in economy. This fire was on cabin and that was completely damaged.

I think! According to arson investigation it was observed by the competent authority that the area of origin was in the vicinity of wood stove. The cause of fire on cabin was a burning Lamp. Due to some irresponsibility of someone and the lamp caught a big fire.  One can only consider a fire as being arson by ruling out all the other accidental elements caused by the fire. In considering that arson was the cause of fire, hence a deliberation of the same, it requires sufficient evidence pointing to the fact there was tampering of semen of the cause factors of …

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