Article Review

Article Review

Article Review


Read the assigned article from this week’s readings. Consider yourself as a project manager at American Airlines, and John MacLean is your project sponsor. Describe some example projects you could be the leader for, and how an efficient supply chain process can support the profitability of American Airlines. Submit a two –to – three pages, APA style paper. Use concepts from the text for purchasing links to profitability and your knowledge of project management to support your views.

Required Article:

Teague, Paul. (2009, October 15). John MacLean, supply chain manager of the year. Purchasing, 138(10), 12. Retrieved from the ProQuest database.

  • This article is a professional example of procurement planning in a large organization. You will need to read this article to complete your written assignment this week.

Required Text:

Benton, W.C. Jr. (2014). Purchasing and supply chain management (3rd ed.). Retrieved from

  • Chapter 1: Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
  • Chapter 2: Purchasing Decisions and Business Strategy
  • Chapter 3: The Legal Aspects of Purchasing



 procurement  Project Procurement purchasing and supply chain management

Answer Preview…………….

According to the article, the vice president of purchasing and transportation at American Airlines, John MacLean is a respected person due to his reputation in management. For instance, Shinall, the vice president of global supply chain at Houston-based Helix Energy Solutions Group worked with him for 9 years and holds positive sentiments about him. In fact, every time he is confronted with a supply chain problem, Shinall always……………

APA 760 words

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