Week 5: Assessing for Family Violence (graded)

Assessing for Family Violence

Week 5: Assessing for Family Violence (graded)

This week’s graded topics relate to the following Course Outcomes (COs).

  • CO 1 – Utilize prior knowledge of theories and principles of nursing and related disciplines to explain expected client behaviors, while differentiating between normal findings, variations, and abnormalities. (PO 1)
  • CO 4 – Utilize effective communication when performing a health assessment. (PO 3)


A 10-year-old child named Elizabeth is brought into the emergency department by her mother. The mother appears anxious but sits quietly next to her daughter in the waiting room. When called into the triage area, the mother gives a history of coming home from work to find Elizabeth sitting on the couch watching television. Elizabeth did not go to the door to greet her or look toward her when she said hello. The mother thought the daughter’s behavior was odd because she always greeted her at the door with a hug. As she approached Elizabeth, she noticed that she was clutching her right arm as if in pain. The mother asked what was wrong, but Elizabeth remained silent. Then she said “Nothing is wrong.” The father is sleeping upstairs. The mother gives a family history of having an alcoholic husband who usually drinks himself to sleep. She said he has abused Elizabeth physically and psychologically in the past, and she brought her to the emergency room because she fears he has hurt her. When Elizabeth is asked about the abuse she appears scared, insecure, and withdrawn.

  1. What considerations should be made by the nurse, to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for the interview and assessment of this client who has experienced domestic abuse?
  2. In your response, include some special considerations that should be taken when interviewing a child.


**To see view the grading criteria/rubric, please click on the 3 dots in the box at the end of the solid gray bar above the discussion board title and then Show Rubric.



Answer Preview………………

Children are the most vulnerable persons in society, and therefore they need to receive the utmost security and safety. However, many children are at a risk of experiencing domestic violence, and when they do, it is difficult for one to know because they find it hard to share specific information. Hence, it is essential for nurses to be considerate and careful when dealing with children who have undergone domestic abuse so that they can be open about their experiences. In this case study, for example, Elizabeth is showing abnormal signs from what her…………

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