Assessment of Learning

Assessment of Learning

You have up to now learned a lot about leading and managing people in organizations during the MBA program including classes and executive guest speakers (optional and invited, some videos available online) experiences. In the end we would like you to synthesize all the knowledge and integrate into YOUR OWN style of leading and managing people, based on your personality, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses. Write a one page post here to elaborate on FIVE key leadership lessons that you have learned from the MBA program that fit your style and you plan to incorporate into your future career.

Please note that this is intended to be an integrative exercise that distills your whole MBA learning experience regarding leadership lessons. You do not need to specifically relate to the contents learned in this class. It is essential you explain how you can you synthesize these lessons and adapt them into your own leadership style rather than just summarize the lessons from others, because different people have different styles that work best for them.

My leadership style is Democratic

Below is a quote from a website about my leadership style

“You lean toward a democratic or participative style of leadership. You tend to set the parameters for the work and have the final say on decisions, but you actively involve your team members in the process.

This style can build trust between you and your people, as they’ll likely feel engaged and valued. But it’s not great in a high-pressure situation that requires a fast turnaround, as it will slow you down. And, if you dislike disagreement or conflict, you might struggle with how people respond to consultation.”

The 5 key lessons are:

1- Be a good listener

2- Have a realistic expectations

3- Give people credits for every small thing they do

4- Honesty is the key for achieving goals

5- Long-term strategies can be accomplished by having a good corporate culture



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Answer Preview…………….

In the course of my learning in the MBA class, I have learned a lot in leading and managing people primarily based on my beliefs, personality traits, strengths, and weakness. During learning, I have come to learn that there are different type’s leadership styles that managers can use when they are leading people in an organization. The common types of leadership styles that managers can adopt based on their beliefs and personality include autocratic leadership, democratic……………….

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