its a professional research and communication assignment.

This is an early intervention task worth 10% of the course. The purpose of the early intervention task is to make sure that you are engaging and on track to pass the course. This task consists of a series of questions that go over the material that we covered in weeks one to four. They require you to think carefully about the material and tell me YOUR thoughts on what the answers should be and justify your answers where necessary. This is an individual assignment that you are expected to complete by yourself. All outside sources of information must be acknowledged.

refs and cite
fix an outline
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The value is not a representation of the collection summary as it represents the mean of the results. The use of descriptive statistics in the case is important as it will help focus on the measures of analysis of data giving more detail on the changing responses of the sample used.The method presents the true reflection of the outcome of the election as a sample of the whole population is used. It reflects the views of the people and this helps in statistical analysis of the likelihood of the election outcome……..

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