Assignment #2 – Picasso’s “Girl Before A Mirror.” Revision

Assignment #2 – Picasso’s “Girl Before A Mirror.” Revision

Good job, but it needs some fixes

Here are some information about the paintings:

“The pattern is regular which is dominant throughout the painting. The colors used in the painting on the other hand are contrasting. However, despite the contrasting colors, they harmonize properly and unite to form the painting. geometric shapes which he achieves by using hatching lines. Circles are used to form the shapes of the girl and the background of the painting.

The principles of organization used in the painting by Picasso include unity and variety, Balance and Harmony. Unity and variety is achieved by the use of the contrasting colors in the painting. Balance on the other hand is achieved in the painting by the use of Asymmetrical balance in that both the images of the girl are almost similar but the image in the mirror is not a spitting reflection of the girl. Harmony as another principle of organization is achieved by Picasso in the painting by the ending of the shapes and the colors”

Some of them are different from what you wrote such as shape; it is circle not cubes.

also movement is not one of the principles of organization. Can you please make these corrections?

note: you can use the notes I just sent you, but please make sure not to use the same words and it is 100% plagiarism free because this is a part of my friend’s paper who turned it in into this class

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