Integrate technology and business

Research various technologies used for Business Performance and Dashboards.

As the IT Manager of a small to medium size business (500 – 1000 employees); prepare a proposal for a dashboard system. Describe benefits, features, costs and potential risks.

Writing Requirements

  • The deliverable will be a written paper that will be written according to APA guidelines. A draft of the final deliverable will be submitted to SmartThinking for review, comments and editing.
  • Use the APA template located in the Student Resource Center to complete the assignment.

Use EBSCohost to find a couple of articles for your midterm.

The midterm is a discussion on Dashboards

Below is a video and a couple of articles to get you started

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Getting the most out of dashboards. By: Wille, Allan. Network World. 12/3/2007, Vol. 24 Issue 47, p18-18. 1p. Abstract: The author reflects on the ways to utilize the dashboards which can unlock the information technology (IT) investment value by linking Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and analysis tools. He states that dashboard design needs to take into account human behavior, and to appear on the desktop to get the most out of the tools. He asserts that the user has to be judicious in choosing which metrics appear on the dashboard, and to understand which changes are important to trigger the alerts. (AN: 27737452)
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Database: Business Source Complete


Title: Dashboards in The Boardroom. (cover story)
Authors: Mullich, Joe
Source: NACD Directorship. Oct2006, Vol. 32 Issue 9, p1-23. 3p.
Document Type: Article
Subject Terms: *Internet
*Corporate governance
*Directors of corporations
*Decision making
NAICS/Industry Codes: 519130 Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals
517110 Wired Telecommunications Carriers
Abstract: The article presents information on Internet-linked personal computers that display company metrics used by corporate executives. The dashboards, primarily designed for chief executive officers, chief financial officers and heads of business units to monitor hundreds of key financial, sales and production metrics are now being used by board directors and have help improved the quality of decision-making. The article continues to discuss dashboard designs and their use in board rooms.
ISSN: 0193-4279
Accession Number: 22895559
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Discussion question

1.Identify a key concept or foundational theory from the first four weeks of class and in half a page discuss how it applies to your current work environment or a recent social, political or business event. Include the chapter and sub topic from your textbook.

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