Assignment 3: The Application Paper

Assignment 3: The Application Paper

By Wednesday, December 2, 2015, using the textbook and Argosy Online Library references that you may select, write a paper (minimum 750 words) using APA standards, that answers the questions below.

First, from the Argosy University online library, select one of the following articles to read:

Second, answer the following questions in an organized essay:

    • What is the social problem the researchers are investigating?
    • What is the research method (i.e.: survey, participant observation, experiment, secondary sources) used by the researchers?
    • What were the results or findings of the research?
    • What do you think would be a good solution to the social problem?

Preview of the answer..

According to this article, it is clear that the issue of discrimination among American Indian children. Discrimination has happened in numerous efforts at conceptualizing and defining it for more than a century of scientific attention, including techniques of developing it. However, from a theoretic point of view, the most recent social psychology accounts that “an individual behavior that creates, maintains,..

APA 903 words

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