Assignment 3: Discussion Board Post

Assignment 3: Discussion Board Post

Assignment 1:


I have a class called Comp and Modern English. I need to finish a essay(Cause and Effect). This assignment is very important to me. You need to have good writing skills and a essay without grammatical mistakes. When you accept this assignment, I will send you all the details and references.

At least 650 words and double spaced. Note: You can not copy any sentence from anywhere, you have to complete it independently, and I will check if it has plagiarism. Please make sure you have a good writing skill.


Assignment 2:

Please write a grammar Assessment Journal about this essay. (200 words). Like you think your essay where to write good, where to write a bad place need to be promoted later. Grammar and sentence. A self-evaluation analysis of the essay.

Assignment 3:

Post a discussion board that answers the follow:

1) What is the purpose of documenting and citing sources?

2) What is a works cited page?

3) What is an intext citation?

4) How do you use paraphrasing or summarizing in an essay?

This question is an understanding of writing knowledge.


Note: Please use three different documents to complete the assignment, thank you.

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