Assignment 4 Training Plan Budget

In this assignment, you will develop a spending plan that breaks down the costs of a proposed training plan (will be provided). Your spending plan will have two components, a formal report and a budget table. Please make sure include both parts when you submit your work.


1. In a formal APA written report, include all of the details needed to create a training budget. Describe in detail each the costs associated for the organization training needs as it applies to your training plan. Note that this assignment will likely be a short report (compared to the last assessments), however, a budget is an important piece because an organization needs to anticipate, plan and pay for the training costs.

2.Prepare a table with a proposal for your training. Include your table within your report.

These are the categories you will need for your cost breakdown in your report and table:Prepare, Developmental costs, Direct costs, Indirect costs, Participant compensation, Evaluation costs, Total Training Cost

Preview of the answer..

The following is the breakdown of the expenses to be incurred in the training process and include the following.

Identification of the training expenses.


Examples of marketing expenses include;



Professional staff expenses

These are the expenses that will be incurred by the professional staff,

Financial managers..

APA 700 words

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