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Guidelines: Your assignment should be typed and double-spaced in 12 pt. Times New Roman Font using standard margins. Your assignment should not be formatted like an essay (e.g. paragraphs). Instead, number your answers for each of your answers. Assignments must be turned in during class by the date specified above to receive full credit. Emailed assignments will not be accepted. Directions: As discussed in lecture, not all deviance is crime, nor is all crime deviance. To clarify this distinction, over the next few days try to come up with examples for each of the following combinations of deviance and crime. Write these examples up for this assignment. Come up with an example of: 1. An action or activity that is NEITHER deviant nor criminal 2. An action or activity that IS deviant but NOT criminal 3. An action or activity that is NOT deviant but IS criminal 4. An action or activity that is BOTH deviant AND criminal While this assignment is short, you will need to think carefully about your examples before you commit to them. Be sure to give enough detail in your descriptions so that each example is clear. For example, remember deviance and crime are relative and may vary upon the specific context in which an action occurs.





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An action is considered to be deviant if does not conform to social norms. In some instances, deviant actions can also go against enacted laws, and in this scenario they will be considered as crimes. People are required to act in accordance with the societal norms. An action is considered a crime if it goes against the enacted laws and harms not only individuals but the society in general (Tischler, 2014).

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