Use your SkyGazer software to help you plan another observation. This time when you go outside, look for the plane of the Milky Way in the sky (you may have to make a special trip to somewhere relatively dark to be successful). Then, in a 3 paragraph essay, describe what you saw, and compare it to what you think ancient people would have seen. Would you have called it “the Milky Way,” or might you have chosen a different name? How does what we see in the sky compare with our current knowledge of the Galaxy’s structure?


Given that we are trying to map the Milky Way from the inside, the fact that we’ve deduced as much as we have is pretty amazing. Thinking about that mapping process, which aspect of the Galaxy’s structure do think is our most interesting – or hardest to understand – discovery? 2 paragraph



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Upon observation of the Milky Way, it appears as a glowing disk shaped structure which appears though it has linear design. Upon observation of the Milky Way, the glowing path appeared as a band of many glowing objects which cannot certainly be distinguished from each other. The glow from the Milky Way seemed like dim band of objects which are aligned in a continuous linear motion which resembles a path or river. The dim path like band in the Milky Way seems to be pulled together by certain attraction force towards the center of the path hence forming a rigidly glowing linear structure…

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