Athletes overpowering the teams

Athletes overpowering the teams

The topic of this research paper is: “Athletes overpowering the teams”.

The idea is essentially study when an athlete becomes bigger than one team, what are the possible solutions from the team’s perspective to “regain” the power or the marketing actions that can be done using the athlete as much as they possibly can.

The paper needs to be a minimum of 8 pages and a maximum of 10 pages. The Title Page and References do not count in this number.


The basic outline of your paper should be as follows:

1.Title Page

  • Introduction
  • Statement of Problem/Issue
    • Tell me why this is an important issue.
    • Have other studied this before? If so, why is it important to do further research? If not, how is the issue important?!
  • Literature Review
    • This will be the bulk of your paper.
    • You are reviewing and summarizing the literature/cases on your given topic.
    • You should be discussing a lot of journal articles here that you have researched and read.
    • Talk about other research in this area. What have other scholars found?
  • Discussion
    • This is where your opinion starts to come into play. For example, don’t just tell me that sport has a dark side; tell me whyit does and what other factors influence it.
  • Conclusion
    • The ending to your paper. Don’t overlook this. It needs to tie everything together.
  • References
    • Need to be in APA format
    • You must include at least 5 peer-reviewed sources (i.e., journal articles) and at least 5 other sources(cases, other articles, books, etc.). DO NOTplan on writing most of your paper off of website information or Sports Illustrated
    • Your book cannotcount toward your source total, but you can use it as a source. There are articles cited in the book chapters – pull them and use them.



Sport Management  Sports Marketing description 10 pages, Double Spacing  Sport management 101

Answer Preview…………….

Professional athletes have become powerful brands to the point that their every action influences not just their individual or team performance but the strengths of their fan base and commercial appeal. In the past, sporting events were mainly designed as recreational centers where people interact with the game as the athletes compete with each other. While the dynamics of team sport is different from the individual ones, the brand power of one professional athlete…………………..

APA 3474 words

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