Attentional Blink

> There are many stimuli in your environment of which you are not aware. You
> use attention to filter out unimportant stimuli and focus on relevant
> stimuli. However, there are circumstances under which you cannot perceive
> stimuli, regardless of how hard you “pay attention.” One situation is when
> visual stimuli are presented in quick succession. If the interval between
> the two stimuli is short enough, you do not perceive the second stimulus.
> This lapse in attention is known as attentional blink. In this assignment,
> you will experience the attentional blink for yourself and will also read
> about practical implications of the phenomenon.
> Access the CogLab demonstration Attentional Blink. Follow the instructions
> to complete the demonstration.
> Read the following article:
>    – Livesey, E. J., Harris, I. M., & Harris, J. A. (2009). Attentional
>    changes during implicit learning: Signal validity protects a target
>    stimulus from the attentional blink
> <>
>    .* Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and
>    Cognition, 35*(2), 408-408-422. doi:10.1037/a0014525 (ProQuest Document
>    ID: 614494049)
> Using the experience from the CogLab demonstration and information from the
> article, write a paper that addresses the following:
>    – Explain how the attentional blink relates to attention. Analyze how
>    the variation in time influences the probability of seeing the second
>    target letter. Explain the circumstances under which the attentional
> blink
>    can be eliminated.
>    – In the CogLab demonstration, letters were used as targets. The target
>    used can influence the duration of one’s attentional blink and whether
> the
>    attentional blink even occurs. Complete the following tasks:
>       – Propose at least two other targets that could be used to induce the
>       attentional blink.
>       – Predict the effect each of your suggested targets would have on the
>       duration of one’s attentional blink as compared to the CogLab
> activity you
>       completed.
>       – Explain the reasoning behind your predictions.
>    – Present and discuss at least three occupations in which workers’
>    performance could be adversely affected by attentional blink. Identify
> and
>    explain the types of problems or mistakes that might occur in such
>    occupations due to the attentional blink.
>    – Several years ago, some vehicle models came with a heads-up display
>    (HUD). Instead of looking down at a panel on the dashboard, speed,
> distance
>    traveled, fuel level, and time appeared to be displayed over the hood of
>    the car. Discuss this design in terms of divided attention and
> attentional
>    blink. Do you think the design was a good idea?
> Write a 4-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of
> sources. Use the following file naming convention:
> LastnameFirstInitial_M2_A2.doc.

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