Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

In the Discussion Forum type a 600-word (minimum) paper about the Chapter 3 “Attitudes and Job Satisfaction” . What is your understanding of the material covered? Also address in your own words:

  • Compare the major job attitudes
  • Identify the two approaches for measuring job satisfaction
  • Identify three outcomes of job satisfaction
  • Identify four employee responses to job dissatisfaction

API format would be required along with reference and citation.

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This chapter focuses on job satisfaction and attitudes and how the latter influences the former and job commitment. The attitude of an individual is how he or she feels and views situations, factual events, people, and things. In a work environment, attitudes influences how an employee feels about job tasks, compensation, policies, and working conditions. Typically, if an employee has a positive attitude towards the job, he or she will experience a great job satisfaction which will enable him or her to be committed. Thus, manager needs to be aware of employees’ attitudes because they not only influence behavior, but also they indicate potential……….

APA 672 words

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