Audience, Context, and Email

Audience, Context, and Email

“Audience, Context, and Email” Please respond to the following:

  • Being able to send appropriate, professional emails is a vital skill in today’s workplace. When considering audience and context, determine why it is so important to know to whom you are writing and for what specific purpose you are sending the email communication.
  • Describe an example of a workplace or personal email communication in which the sender (you or someone else) did not pay close attention to audience and context. Ascertain the consequences. Determine how the miscommunication might have been avoided.
250 words at most 
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The dynamics and structure of today’s workplace have been enhanced by the use of effective communication tools. Employees utilize the e-mail as an information sharing platform with both internal and external stakeholders more than any other tool or technique. Its speed, simplicity, adaptability are the factors responsible for this increased use by professionals from all walks of life. In spite of these benefits and full acceptance as a means of communication, there are important rules that must be followed when writing an email. One of such is adapting it to the particular need of the receiver, especially in the workplace. In this instance, the sender must consider the kind of relationship that exists between both of them, the nature of information, acceptable language, text format, and whether it is formal or informal purposes. The potential for miscommunication when using email to send a message is an important reason why the sender must understand the kind of audience for the message. An example of a situation where the sender did not pay close attention to the audience was when my supervisor sent a notice of…

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