Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership

Question (CXU7A) : Write a description of the approach or theory you selected. Compare the characteristics of the approach or theory you selected to those of Authentic Leadership and Team Leadership. Using your own experience, share an example of a situation that demonstrates this relationship. Describe the impact of that relationship. Use an example from your personal experience with this type of leadership or one from the Learning Resources. – 1.5 pgs


Question (CXU7B): Write a 2–page paper describing your experience with the “Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire” and the “Team Excellence and Collaborative Team Leader Questionnaire.” Analyze how your questionnaire responses indicate your personal leadership philosophy. Describe any questionnaire results that may have surprised you. Analyze the impact that the characteristics of Authentic Leadership and Team Leadership might have on your personal leadership style. Explain how these characteristics might help you become a more effective leader.

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 Northouse   P. G. (2016). Leadership: Theory and practice (7th ed.). Thousand Oaks: CA: Sage Publications. • Chapter 9   “Authentic Leadership” (pp. 195-224) • Chapter 14   “Team Leadership” (pp. 363-396) Nichols   T. W. & Erakovich   R. (2013). Authentic leadership and implicit theory: A normative form of leadership? Leadership & Organization Development Journal  34(2)

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The trait approach is a theoretical framework that emphasizes the need for leaders to possess certain traits to deliver the responsibilities and expectations of the position. It is a theory that lacks some of the principles that other frameworks use for explaining the processes behind a phenomenon, which the leader can utilize under various circumstances. Therefore, the trait approach is focused on the influence of the leader and his or her attributes on the effectiveness of…………………….

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