I need assistance with writing a 2 minuet autobiography on myself. i understand you know nothing about me but im happy to tell you a little about myself and i can obviously edit it once you submit it.

im a sergeant and served 4 years in the US Marine corps, deployed to South Korea, and Japan, im over half way to my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, i start my new job as a state trooper in 2 weeks, when i was in Highschool I i played football basketball and ran track. I got the 6A all conference defensive end in football and all confidence champ in the 110 hurdles. also got student of the year two years in a row in cabinetry 1 and 2. i begun my career as a vehicle tester for a company that designed a new tank for the Marines…

im 25 years old and study at University of Phonex

be creative and make up the rest

1pg bibliography should be fine

Answer Preview…………….

My name is ABCD XYZ and a 25-year old undergraduate of the University of Phoenix Arizona that aim to become a change agent in the American criminal justice system. I was a high school athlete that played basketball and football, as well as participated in track and field competitions at the state and regional levels. My unflinching desire to succeed in my entire………………..

APA 266 words