My business plan is going to be about exporting American and German cars Used and new to Saudi Arabia. I’ll send you the rules of America customs and Saudi customs as well.
Guidelines for the importer:
– The car matching the standard UK specification, not being adjusted on the leash.
– Prohibits the import of cars more than five years old from the model year and small buses, trucks, pick-ups and for not more than ten years of heavy trucks to cars.
– Prohibits the import of used car parts except cut the main parts such as “Transmission, Foreign chilling for cars, Differential, the machine” so that they are Musndqh and clean and free of grease, oil and accompanied

The information that I sent u is about the Saudi customs.
The project targets:
1-To be known
2-Open branches in several cities in Saudi Arabia
3- Development of export small cars to a large cars ((trucks))
4- Export Classic Cars

Certified. “Certified” when used with reference to copy means a document issued by an authorized government authority that includes on it a signed statement by the authority that the copy is an authentic copy of the original.

Copy. “Copy” refers to a duplicate or photocopy of an original document. When there is any writing on the backside of an original document, a “complete copy” means that both sides of the document are copied.

Export. “Export” refers to the transportation of merchandise out of the U.S. for the purpose of being entered into the commerce of a foreign country.

Self-Propelled Vehicle. “Self-propelled” vehicle includes any automobile, truck, tractor, bus, motorcycle, motor home, self-propelled agricultural machinery, self-propelled construction equipment, self-propelled special use equipment, and any other self-propelled vehicle used or designed for running on land but not rail.

Ultimate Purchaser. “Ultimate Purchaser” means the first person, other than a dealer purchasing in his capacity as a dealer, who in good faith purchases a self-propelled vehicle for purposes other than resale.

Used. “Used” refers to any self-propelled vehicle the equitable or legal title to which has been transferred by a manufacturer, distributor, or dealer to an ultimate purchaser

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