The Balance of Power in Flux

Essay 2 pages this is the question : The title of the last chapter is “The Balance of Power in Flux.”  This concludes Part II of the book which, according to the authors “covers a shorter time span” and “has a more complex story line” than Part I. Discuss why the title, the time span, and the complexity.

the book is :american foreign policy since world war ii “The Balance of Power in Flux.

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In international relations balance of power is the policy and posture of a state or group of states protecting itself alongside another nation or even group of nations by basically matching its powers against the other side’s power. There are two ways that nations can pursue the policy of power; by either adding their own powers above that of the other states, more so when boarding upon a policy of coalition, or raising their own power, whenever they are appealing in a weaponry race or in the aggressive..

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