Balanced Curriculum Recommended for Jamestown College

Balanced Curriculum Recommended for Jamestown College


Using the case study information attached, the assignment is asking to identify recommendations for the Math program at Jamestown college using higher education accreditation standards for math programs.

Prompt: In this milestone, you will take the identified opportunity for improvement in the program from the case study and develop a plan for implementing it. You will discuss specific recommendations, strategies for implementing those recommendati ons, and an explanation of the standards and regulations related to your recommendations.

Critical Elements:

  • Make recommendations for how you will address the program need that you identified. What, specifically, needs to happen to help the program meet itsoutcomesandmeetinstitutionalgoalsandobjectives?Includeabudgetsheettoillustratethecostsofyourrecommendations.
  • Develop strategies to implement the recommendations. Be sure to cite relevant sources to support your strategies. Consider which best practice methodologies exist that support your approach to addressing this type of program.
  • Explain which regulatory and accreditation standards helped drive your recommendations. In other words, how have particular standards informed your decisions regarding the trajectory of this program?

Rubric and case study attached.



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