Balanced Score Card

Balanced Score Card

The President of Coopie Awards was analyzing the actual and budgeted results of operations for the current year (shown in the table below).

Table attached

She noticed several favorable variances and, in a meeting, gave accolades to the production manager. She also noticed that the sales variance was unfavorable and spent considerable time questioning the sales vice president. She stated, “if production hadn’t managed costs so well to cover for your lack of sales, we would have racked-up quite a large net loss for the year.”

Do you agree with the president? Why or why not? Explain your point.

Where were costs in line and where were they out of line?

What could have been done to produce more favorable numbers?

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Assignment Managerial accounting

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The unfavorable budget is caused by the reduction in the number of units sold as compared to the units budgeted. It leads to the need for the focus on the estimation of the number of different activities of the company such as the reduction in the costs of production. I agree with the vice president as the sales variance spurs the volume of the sales as the reduction of the cost of production increases the performance of the organization making it difficult to assess the performance of the departments in the long run……….

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