Baseball in Antigua

Baseball in Antigua

In Module 1, I briefly introduced the overall goal for this course, which is to research, draft, and submit a consultant report as your final project. As previously stated, while the motivation for sports organizations to enter the global marketplace can be reduced to profits, we will focus on using a product, namely the sport of baseball, to promote social and economic change in the developing country of Antigua & Barbuda. In order to achieve this goal, we must first gain insight into the culture. And, as much as I’m sure you would enjoy the experience of conducting your preliminary observations, first-hand on the ground in St. John’s, Antigua, circumstances demand that we begin our research here.

The purpose of this assignment is to examine whether or not the sport of baseball can successfully be implemented in Antigua & Barbuda, as it was in surrounding Caribbean cultures (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, etc.)? In other words, is there a cultural alignment (baseball values and Antiguan cultural values)? In the event you disagree that there’s a possibility for alignment on cultural grounds, just proceed to document your disagreement here, and examine further in your final Consultant Report in Module 7, where you’ll address the relevant issues, which lead to your findings, or focus your recommendations on socio-political or other conditions, which must precede implementation. Another option available to you is to develop your Report around the overall cultural fit (in terms of symbols, heroes, rituals, and values) and culture codes of the two countries. Accordingly, this assignment allows you to begin formulating ideas as to how you would develop and implement baseball in Antigua. You may elect to discuss these ideas now, or develop them further for inclusion in your final paper in Module 7.


Please conduct research (both primary and secondary sources) to gain insights into the culture of Antigua & Barbuda. Refer to the “value dimensions” proposed by Hofstede (Pages 58~58, M2R1), and the “eight scales” (criteria) presented by Erin Meyer in this week’s reading assignment (M3R3). Some of these value dimensions or scale items may help to guide you on what to look at, as well as identify unique aspects of the culture. You may use these dimensions/scales to compare the chosen culture with American culture. In conducting your research, you may find new “scales” or dimensions of this culture that have not been discussed in our reading assignments. I recommend that you begin your research here: You may also introduce additional insight (face-to-face interview, or synchronous interview) obtained from someone who has spent significant time or lived in the culture. Here, your interview questions should seek clarification on the value dimensions or scales of the Antiguan culture.

Once you’ve conducted your research, you must then draft a preliminary research report on the items discussed above. Your report should not exceed 700 words, or contain less than 500 words (1.5 spacing, and uploaded in .doc file format).

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